Sunday, June 3, 2007

Holy Moly look who blogged!!

Big things must be happening for me to blog!!

This weekend was very emotionally draining. As i mentioned before we have this cat that doesnt like to use her litter box. She's also not the nicest cat in the world. Except that J loves her more than anything!! But we couldnt deal anymore with her bathrooming issues. She pee'd in J's car, on his gym bag and on the carpet.

I found a really beautiful place for her in Del Mar Beach, down by S.D.. The woman who runs it doesnt just take any cat, she takes deseperate situations which she felt ours was. Especially with a baby on the way and all.

My dad was nice enough to take her yesterday. It was hard for both of us, but especially hard for J. He will have to mourn. So if this wasnt bad enough, we had an open house yesterday as well. Our other cat Cheese usually runs under the bed and stays there the whole time. I was home for a bit during the open house and decided to check on him. Couldnt find him anywhere. I tore apart the closets and looked everywhere... our house isnt that big so i didnt think it would be a problem. Could i really lose two cats in one day?? My parents and our realator also tore apart the house searching for him. We decided he must have gotten out some how.

Let the search begin!! We were out in force, but i was crying so hard. This couldnt be happening. J was at work and so he had it the hardest because he couldnt help. My dad went and made signs and put them up. When the open house was over and the house was quiet, i watched T.V. for about two hours thinking if he was still in the house he would come out now. Nothing!! At around 5:30 i decided to go driving around looking. When i got back i had a water bottle on our glass table... i went to get it... and what do i see... that little Bastard Cat!!! He was hiding somewhere.... and who knows where it was because four people couldnt find him. I called J who was already on his way home early from work.

Happy ending for us in some ways, but we still miss Lucy and always will. We wish she was normal, but she wasn't and now hopefully she'll love her new home at a beautiful cat reserve where she can run and do whatever she wants.

That was our awful weekend! Hopefully the good vibes will find us again!

Saturday, March 10, 2007

ooppps... i forgot

Sorry i haven't written in a while. I kind of forgot that i had this thing. The weeks just fly by especially now that i am alot more busy at work! I am supervising 6 cases now, as well as working on a three hour a day case of my own. I like supervising because it gives me the freedom to make apppointments throughout the week. I like knowing that the next day will be different from the previous. I have gotten very good at pleasing parents, teachers, administrators, as well as looking out for the best interest of the child.

I've been shopping alot as well. Getting ready for my cruise that i cannot wait for. The next two weeks i have decided that i am going to really watch what i eat and go to the gym more than i have been. I know that you can't change much in 2 weeks but it will help the amount i will consume on that cruise.

Lucy (the cat) is doing a little better on her medication. We have had a few little accidents here and there, but on average she is using her box again. We made an appointment for her to be boarded while we are away. The place is in chatsworth and i think that they are in for a rude awakening. They said they are used to cats like her, but i dont think they REALLY know how awful Lucy can be.

Well ill try to keep up more on this thing from now on... have a good one!

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Cat well as a crazy day!

So... i've decided that all our precious kitty needs is a little drive in the car.. in her box to make her re-evaluate her situation. Ever since we took her to the vet, she has been using her litter box and being a perfect little kitty. We have put her back on her Prozac, but it wouldnt kick in that fast.

So i told my husband, next time she goes back to not using her box... let's just take her for a ride in the car.

I said it was a crazy day and i meant it!! My husband works in law enforcement and i think i'll always have that little worry inside of me until he gets home at the end of the day. Today, he calls me to tell me he is in the back of an ambulance. Now, he has called me before from the back, but he wasn't the patient. This time he was!! I'm not going to go into the story, but he got peppersprayed right in the face! I just thank God it was just Mase and not a gun.

He is on his way home now, and i can't wait to hear more details of the story. I just hope that this is the worst thing that ever happens to him in his career.

Thursday, February 22, 2007

why do we love our pets so much??

A little background on the story...

We have two cats, one lucy and one cheese...lucy is 3, and we have had problems with her since she was about one. She has extremely high anxiety, and one little thing can throw her off. Most of the time when we go out of town, we have huge setbacks.. and by setbacks i mean that she stops using her litter box.

When a cat doesnt use her litter box, it is very stressful for it's owners. J and I have been constantly cleaning and trying to retrain her. We have tried EVERYTHING!!

So normally we put her on anti-anxiety meds which tend to cure the situation for a few months. This time however, i suggested that we give her away, even though i love her so much and my husband loves her even more. I have been working for days trying to find a no-kill shelter for her, but no one will take an un-adoptable cat. She is considered un-adoptalbe because she isnt very friendly to strangers and she has litter box issues.

So needless to say the past few days have been very sad, stressful, and tension building between my husband and I. He desperatly wants to try the medication again, i would rather find her a new home, or even put her down if we had to, she is so miserable.

As of this morning, we decided to try the medication one more time, i just cant live with my husband being mad at me for "killing" his cat. He knows what needs to be done, he just can't bring himself to do it, and to tell you the truth, neither can i.

So in the mean time i am going to continue my search for a nice facility that will take cats with problems, so that she can live her life without stress out in a grass!

Again i say.. why do we love our pet's so much??

Saturday, February 17, 2007

cars.... ugh!

I hate spending money on keeping cars up... i like nice cars just not the maintanence. I just had to spend 250 bucks for my 30k tune up!! Then J decides that he needs to find out more about his car, see he bought a very high performance car from a friend who passed away. We knew that he put modifications into it but that's about it. So today, J took it to a place that specialized in that particular type of car. They bascially laughed in our faces when they saw what was done to the engine. I guess the guy we bought it from didnt really know what he was doing either.

Basically, the things he has on it now is not helping the car, it is hurting it. That's why J's engine light was always on. So, we are putting over 1500 dollars worth of work into it to make it where it should be. I am very frustrated by the fact that we have to do this, but i would rather put the money into it than have the car blow up. Than there's the issue of.. should we trust this place?? I guess J found them on this website for this particular car, and they are very well known. He was talking to lots of guys hanging out there that said they drive over 2 hours to come to this place, so they must be good. They seemed to know what their doing.

So.. i guess it's a setback. J does put in alot of overtime and if this is what he wants to spend it on, who am i to stop him. He doesnt have any other expensive habits. I'd rather do this kind of stuff before we have children to support, so i guess it's the perfect time to do it.

Well, it's a beautiful day outside, however i have housework to do, as well as some erronds to run.

Thursday, February 15, 2007

The day after...

Well...the "big" day is over and i think as the years go on i care less and less about it. I try to really care because of all the hype, but when it comes right down to it, it's just another day. I have to say though, this was a very nice valentines day, as i recieved a very beautiful ring and an e-card. I feel bad for putting the pressure on the hubby, but he handled it quite well this year.

We had a wonderful dinner with Sunset and her J. I felt bad because they are beer drinkers while we are not... they ordered thier beer and we had water.. i know sooooooo boring. If there were other cocktails i would have joined in. We then enjoyed a glass of champagne and red velvet cake courtesy of sunset which was wonderful.

So now its all over, i need to go get my ring sized tomorrow, i got lazy today. I'm happy it's the weekend tomorrow.... and a long one at that. I'm excited for relaxing, and going out for Sunset J's birthday. See.. i have my own J so it can get quite confusing.

Ta ta for now...

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

The Big Day

Valentine's Day is upon us and the pressure is on. I know because i put it on!! Some part of me really doesn't care, but the other part wants to see J put a little effort in. I know i dont want him to go and spend 30 bucks on some roses that our cats are going to eat anyways. I think i just want the typical V-day stuff because that's what you are supposed to want. I know he spent over 300 bucks on my present (the joys of a joint account)... should that be enough??

I am excited to spend V-day with my husband and my good friends Sunset and her boy! It makes me very happy that we have become close again, because some of my fondest memories are with her.

I went to spin class tonight, the teacher was good but her music sucked so it was the longest hour of my life. I love going to spin once i'm there.. it's just getting there that is soooooooo damn hard.

Well, I gotta go paint my nails red for tomorrow... i forgot to get the kids in the class i work in valentines, so i guess i will need to make a stop in the morning. I would feel bad if i showed up for work with nothing.

Have a good Valentines Day and don't put too much pressure on those guys...